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Set up a Legal Entity

The first step is to decide which legal entity formation best suits your business. The four most popular types of legal trading entity are:
1. Sole trader
2. Partnership
3. Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)
4. Limited Company (Ltd)

Choosing a Business Name

Follow this simple three step process when deciding what to call your business:
1. Search for the same or similar company names already registered at Companies House.
2. Check that you have not chosen a name containing a prohibited term.
3. Check the Trade Mark register that your name does not conflict with a registered trade mark.
4. Search Google to see if there is any unregistered trade marks trading in your locality.

For more information see the detailed guide on the Companies House website.

Employing your first person

Employig your first person doesn’t need to be like tiptoeing across a minefield. The most common worries are:
1. How to draft an employment contract
2. How to deal with underperforming employees
3. Avoiding employment tribunal cases

For more information see our complete guide on everything employment law.

Free Legal Surgery

Money is often tight when in start-up mode. We provide a free legal surgery via STANTA (St Albans Enterprise Agency).
What happens at a clinic appointment? We spend about 15-30 minutes with you giving basic advice on the next steps to take to solve your legal issue.

To make a booking email:

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