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Exit Planning

101 ideas for Selling Your Business

Ideas for business owners to help make their business more sale-able.

You can think of exit planning for a business sale as a bit like SEO for a website
There is no proverbial magic bullet that will get you to the no.1 rank on Google – as I understand it the algorithm measures more 200 factors – and you can think of each like a box to tick – the more of them that your website ticks off the more chance you have for ranking at no.1
Exit planning is much the same – there are many, many factors that will help you sell the business – the more you can tick off the more saleable your business will be.

This video covers:

1. Recurring -v- Transactional Income Streams
2. Be very good at what you do
3. How low can debtor days go?
4. Keep a high attention to detail
5. How niche can you go?
6. Provide a most excellent client service
7. Why it is good to be the missing link
8. Turn a job into a business
9. Why it will help you to avoid the need to sell

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