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How to draft an employment contract

What type of employment contract will you be offering?

For example, is it an ’employment contract’ or a ‘zero-hours contract’? Is it permanent or fixed term? Did the successful candidate have any specific requirements about working hours? Start date? Location? Or anything else which might need to be reflected in the contract?

What are Zero Hours Contracts?

Remember to distinguish between the rights contained in an employment contract and the policies and procedures that would better included in the staff handbook.

Changing the terms of a contract usually requires the employee’s consent whereas policies and procedures in the staff handbook can be amended at anytime. So it is worth getting it right!

Employees who have been employed for one month or more are entitled to a written statement of employment. You may as well issue a contract from the outset that includes these particulars.

If you do not give the right information (or it is inaccurate or incomplete) an employee is allowed to make a claim to an Employment Tribunal while the employment continues or, if it has terminated, within three months of the date of termination.

The law says that employers must provide employees with a written statement of their terms, containing basic rights. You must keep the employment contract up-to-date.

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