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David Hughes


Company Law

I qualified and practiced as a corporate solicitor in a traditional commercial law firm. I now get to offer my business law expertise via a niche business and employment law consultancy.

I know how difficult it can be to find great legal help at the right price for you. That’s why I moved on from being a solicitor at large commercial firms to work at niche business law and employment advice firm, Canopy Law.

I try to find the consensus between the parties in any company purchase or sale that I work on – because my overall objective is always to keep things simple and straightforward for my client. I have advised sole traders who are just starting on the path to being a business owner and I have advised the owners of the London Aquarium in their sale of the business to the owners of the London Eye.

My top tip is to plan ahead for your company sale. It’s never too early to start planning who you are going to sell your business to.

Running a business is great. My job is to help you with the contracts and business sale process – so you can concentrate on doing what you do best.

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"A good Shareholder Agreement is like a fence at the top of a cliff, which stops company owners from falling over the edge and into the hands of lawyers who wait in the ambulance parked beside the rocks below.
This book explains in easy to understand language what a Shareholder Agreement does, the common clauses it contains and when it is best to put one in place."