Company Sales

Canopy Law works to ensure that your business, when sold, secures a premium price and our approach is far from conventional. Click through our guide to selling your business for maximum value and discover the common-sense business sales approach.

Business ValuationThe web is full of rubbish on how to value your business. From useless business valuation calculators to dodgy business sale brokers. We have collected all the knowledge we have about how business valuation works – based on real businesses we have helped sell and the result is not what you might expect.

01 – How to value your business
02 – Real business selling price examples
03 – Traditional Business Valuation Methods
04 – Why business valuation calculators do not work!

Preparing To Sell A Business

There are many myths surrounding what you should do and how you should act when preparing to sell your business. We cut through the fiction and present the facts on the how successful business owners sell their companies.

05 – Selling or merging a businesses with a competitor?
06 – Are management buyout business sales a good idea?
07 – Selling a business that runs itself
08 – Why NOT to groom your business for sale?
09 – How much information to give a potential buyer?
10 – What is a business sale memorandum?

Your Exit Strategy

Owners of businesses that sell for maximum value don’t leave their exit strategy to luck. They know that the value of a business depends on maximising the factors that will appeal to a potential buyer as the business is being built. Want to sell the business? You’ll need a bigger plan.

11 – Why you need a business sale plan to sell your business?
12 – Selling the business for max value – client base
13 – Selling the business for max value – industry niche

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