Employment Law

Do you have an employment law question on hiring employees that needs our help? Try our employment journey guide? and if you still can’t find the answer, email Sarah Holmes and ask!


The Employment Journey starts with employing someone for the first time. From posting your advert, to interviewing, to issuing an offer letter and employment contract, to the first day at work.

How to advertise a job and recruit the right employee
How to employ self employed workers
How to conduct an employee’s first day at work

Employment Contract Terms

There is a legal obligation to issue a new employee with a written statement of their terms. But what exactly will you put in their contract? See our guide to employment terms.

How to draft an employment contract
What are zero hours contracts?
Are Zero Hours Employment Contracts Legal?
How to deal with employee pay & wages
How to deal with hours of work & The Working Time Regulations
How to deal with employee holiday rights
How to deal with employee sickness and sick pay
How to deal with notice periods for employees
How to change the terms of an employment contract

Family Friendly Policies

What does employment legislation say about maternity and paternity rights? Are you family friendly policies in line with the latest employment regulations? Check our employment guide to find out.

How to deal with maternity leave & maternity pay
How to deal with paternity leave & adoption leave
How to deal with flexible working
How to deal with time off for dependants

Protecting Your Business

How do you protect your business when employees resign and leave to join your competitors? Can you stop them from poaching your clients or sharing you confidential information?

Restrictive covenants & non-compete provisions
How to deal with confidentiality & intellectual property rights
Top 7 Myths About Using A Social Media Policy

Dealing With Problems

What can you do when things go wrong? From lateness, to sickies, to underperforming employees, check our guide to what to do when employees turn bad.

How to deal with underperforming employees
Legal advice for dealing with difficult employees
Legal advice for dealing with employee lateness
How to deal with disciplinary & grievance procedures
Dealing With The Employee Grievance Process
How to deal with appraisals
How to deal with putting an employee on garden leave

Compliance Matters

Have you got all your employee paperwork in order? Is your staff handbook up-to-date and stocked with the latest policies to deal with grievance, Twitter use and what is expected from staff when it snows?

How to use a staff handbook
Check Your Employee Handbook Is Up-to-date
How to deal with equal pay for employees
How to deal with part-time workers and fixed-term contracts
How to deal with work visas & immigration
How to deal with employee benefits
How to deal with employee pensions

Employment Tribunals & Disputes

How do you avoid employment tribunal cases and what has become of compromise agreements and what are the risks associated with terminating an employees contract the way it’s been done of late?

Avoiding Employment Tribunal Cases
What are employment settlement agreements?

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