We don’t charge by the hour. In fact, we don’t even record time (because that would be cheating). We give fixed fees for all our work, because we know that any successful business needs certainty in its overheads.You can find out more about our pricing beliefs here

Company sale = from £5,000 + VAT
Share reorganisation (creating different classes of shares) = from £750 + VAT
Shareholder agreement = from £1,400 + VAT
Cross Option agreement = from £700 + VAT

Staff handbook = from £1,750 + VAT
Employment contract = from £500 + VAT

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Kindle Edition £4.99

Paperback from £9.95

“A good Shareholder Agreement is like a fence at the top of a cliff, which stops company owners from falling over the edge and into the hands of lawyers who wait in the ambulance parked beside the rocks below.

This book explains in easy to understand language what a Shareholder Agreement does, the common clauses it contains and when it is best to put one in place.”